I am an award-winning designer + visual storyteller with over 10 years of experience currently residing
in Grand Rapids, MI. Design is my passion, and I strive to bring good design to all. My ultimate goal
is to create successful outcomes that my clients love, and tells their story in a creative and unique manner. I draw inspiration from all aspects of life, and am influenced by culture, architecture,
home design, art, and design throughout history. I also seek to continue lea
rn and develop
my skills staying current with trends and changes in the industry.
Print Design | Web Design | Art Direction | Branding &Logo DesignTraditional + Digital Marketing | Hospitality/Restaurant Design + Marketing

I love to travel and explore the world, experiencing different cultures. 
I dig in to discover what makes them unique, seeing each place through
the eyes of the locals particularly through their cuisine. 

Bangkok, Thailand